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Capybara Snot Withdraw Doll

Capybara Snot Withdraw Doll

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Snot Your Average Cutie: The Capybara Snot Withdraw Doll (Because We Can!)

Calling all fans of the delightfully weird and wonderfully wacky! Patch & Bagel presents the Capybara Snot Withdraw Doll – a plushie that's equal parts adorable and, well, a little bit unusual (but hey, that's what makes it special!).

This 23-25cm plush capybara isn't afraid to embrace its funny side. Made with super soft and cuddly material, it's the perfect cuddle buddy for kids aged 4-6 who appreciate a dose of humor with their plushie pals.

Here's why this Snot Withdraw Capybara Doll deserves a spot in your child's life:

  • Uniquely hilarious! Not your average capybara plushie – this one comes with a touch of silly that will have kids giggling.
  • Super soft and cuddly! Because even silly plushie friends deserve big hugs.
  • The perfect gift for kids with a quirky sense of humor! Spread the laughter and the love of capybaras with this one-of-a-kind plushie.
  • Safe and age-appropriate for young children! Made with high-quality materials and no small parts, this capybara is ready for playtime fun.

So, ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary! Order your Capybara Snot Withdraw Doll today and watch the laughter erupt! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Now I have a work buddy, hehe.


There are so many versions of capybaras online, but this one has a great face and a reasonable price. It feels just like the ones in the store, really love it.

Kang H.

Super cute and fluffy, I love it so much. Although the one I received had a slight defect in the right eye, it's still acceptable. I'm not sure how to take care of it long-term though; I bought a large one before and the fur started to shed.


This plush is incredibly cute and soft. The material is high-quality, and it feels great to touch. My son loves carrying it around everywhere. It’s also very durable, which is a big plus. Great value for the price.


Feels super comfortable to touch, soft and smooth, just like in the store. I especially love its runny nose design, it's so fun!

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