Our Story

From a Vision to your Home

No more boring home decor; at patchandbagel, we're all about embracing playfulness, individuality, and the joy of creating. Our story began with Kaya, our founder, and her quest to transform her Berlin apartment into a space that truly reflected her personality – a blend of minimalistic design with a unique, playful twist, a place that creates homely vibes while remaining a playful paradise for Marley the family dog.

Confronted by the dilemma of finding either unique decor at prohibitive prices or affordable yet uninspiring options, Kaya envisioned an alternative: a destination where one-of-a-kind, high-quality home decor is both accessible and infused with an element of playfulness.



Kaya's exploration started in the vast digital marketplace and led her to the doors of small, passionate artisanal creators. She unearthed treasures that were more than mere items; they were embodiments of care, creativity, and a playful spirit.

From this vision, patchandbagel was born – a curated collection of joyful, unique decor pieces, now available to enhance homes across the globe. Each item in our collection promises to bring a touch of whimsy and a burst of personality to your space.

More Than Just Decor
Giving Back: Making a Difference, One Decor at a Time

At patchandbagel, our commitment extends beyond curating unique home decor. We believe in the power of giving back and making a positive impact in the world.

Every four months, we identify a nonprofit organization to which we donate a portion of our profits. It's our way of sharing the love and ensuring that every purchase you make with us contributes to a greater cause.


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This Quarter's Cause: Trace Labs

From January to April 2024, we are proud to support Trace Labs. A remarkable nonprofit, Trace Labs is dedicated to reuniting missing persons with their families using the power of open source intelligence (OSINT). Their mission resonates deeply with us, emphasizing the importance of family, connection, and community.

To learn more about their incredible work and how they're changing lives, visit Trace Labs.

Together, Let's Create Magic

Join a community united by shared values of transformation for your home, and compassion for soul. Your choice extends beyond aesthetics; it becomes a pledge to be part of something greater.

Oh, and did we mention that we love bagels yet?

Meet our team

  • Jessica

    CEO & Founder

    Q: If you were a bagel, what flavour will you be?
    A: I'd be 'Everything' flavor because, like me, I'm a little bit of everything – a random mix of personality, with a sprinkle of quirks and a dash of randomness!

  • Chloe

    Head of Customer Service

    Q: If you were a bagel, what flavour will you be?
    A: Cinnamon raisin, because I'm sweet, with a hint of spice, and I might surprise you with a few unexpected twists – just like finding raisins in a bagel!

  • Ariel

    Head of Operations

    Q: If you were a bagel, what flavour will you be?
    A: I'd be a plain bagel, just like my wardrobe. Why complicate things with too many flavors.

  • All of Us + Some of You!

    Social Media and Creatives Team

    We rely on customers, content creators and occasionally our very own team for these creatives you've been seeing on our social media page.

    Our affiliates program is always open, so is our email and DMs for potential collaborations.

    If you were a bagel, what flavour will you be?

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