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Cactus Coaster Set

Cactus Coaster Set

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Introducing the "Desert Bloom" Cactus-Shaped Coaster Set from patchandbagel - where functionality blooms with creativity. This unique coaster set not only safeguards your surfaces but also sprouts a touch of whimsy in your decor, transforming a simple necessity into an engaging conversation piece. 🌵💚

A Fusion of Fun and Practicality:

  • Innovative Storage Solution: Assemble your coasters into a charming cactus within its adorable pot, offering both a decorative touch and a compact way to keep your coasters organized.
  • Diverse Sizes for All Beverages: With six distinct sizes, there's a perfect fit for any drinkware, from your morning coffee mug to your evening wine glass, whether you're enjoying a hot latte or a chilled lemonade.
  • Multifunctional Pot Holder: Beyond storing your coasters, the flowerpot-shaped holder can serve as a neat organizer for small items or even a new home for a petite plant, adding a green thumb's touch to your space.
  • Premium EVA Construction: Crafted from high-quality EVA material, these coasters are a far cry from ordinary foam - offering superior heat resistance and waterproof protection in a lightweight, eco-friendly package.

Transform your table setting with the "Desert Bloom" Coaster Set, where each piece combines to create a delightful cactus display. It's not just about keeping your tables stain-free; it's about injecting a dash of desert charm and creativity into every sip you take. 🍹🌞

At patchandbagel, we're dedicated to reimagining the mundane into the extraordinary. This coaster set exemplifies our vision, blending practicality with an inventive design that's sure to spark joy and complement your decor.

Why "Desert Bloom"?

  • 🌟 Clever Cactus Design: Assemble your coasters into a cute cactus, turning storage into a fun and decorative feature.
  • 🔄 Adaptable for Any Drinkware: Accommodates a variety of sizes, ensuring your drink is always snug and secure.
  • 🌱 Versatile Pot Holder: Use it to store your coasters, declutter your space, or nurture a tiny plant.
  • 🌿 Durable and Eco-Friendly: Made with EVA, ABS, and laminated soft oak for a lightweight, yet sturdy and sustainable choice.
  • 🧽 Hassle-Free Maintenance: Waterproof and easy to clean, these coasters are ready for any spill or mess.

Invite the charm of the arid desert into your home with the "Desert Bloom" Cactus-Shaped Coaster Set by patchandbagel, where every drink rests on a foundation of fun and innovation. 🏜️💧

Package Content:

1 x Coaster






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